CUB's Phone Cost-Cutting Kit
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2. Calling Mexico? Get CUB's tips before you dial.

3. Cut your wireless bill with the CUB Cellphone Saver, and get the facts on prepaid cell phones.

4. Visit our Phone Savings Center to cut your costs.
Attend a CUB Phone-bill Clinic
Bring your phone bill to one of our free clinics and a CUB expert will show you how to save money. Look at CUB's phone-bill clinic schedule and check out the enormous success we've had at previous clinics.

Saving Money on Local Phone Service
Save with new "Consumer's Choice" local-calling plans designed by CUB.

Use CUB's Local Phone Cost-cutter to determine your best local calling plan.

CUB's Untangle Your Telephone Bills guide

A Caller's Rules to Live By

Phone tips for Frontier Telephone customers

Defining a local, local toll, and long-distance call.

AT&T's online tool can help customers determine what calls are local (Bands A and B) and which ones are very expensive local toll (Band C) calls.

Saving Money on Long Distance
Take advantage of Pioneer Telephone's $10 credit

CUB's Real Deal Guide to Long Distance

Shop for calling plans with the Long-distance Calculator

Calling Mexico? Get CUB's tips before you dial.

Shop for plans with the International Calculator

Saving Money on Cell Phones
Cut your wireless bill with the CUB Cellphone Saver.

The Cell Phone Shopper's Guide

The Facts About Prepaid Cell Phones

CUB's Guide to Cell Phone Data Plans.

Saving Money on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
The Facts on VoIP

Other Handy Tips
What is "Cramming?"

The Transition to Digital TV: What You Need to Know

Stopping Telemarketers: The FTC’s No Call List

Your Privacy and Your Phone Company

CUB’s Utility Checklist for Renters

Utility Do's and Don'ts

Telecommunications Legislation/Regulation
ICC Fact Sheet

Telecommunications Act of 2010