City of Chicago MeterSave Program

What is MeterSave?

MeterSave is a program offered by the City of Chicago Department of Water Management (DWM). It allows non-metered Chicago homeowners the option of having a water meter installed to help them save water and money.

How Can You Save?

Water charges in non-metered homes are tied to factors such as building size, lot-size and the number of plumbing fixtures. However, metered homes are billed according to actual water usage. This means that with minimal effort, participating homeowners could save money on their water bills. Because customers with metered homes pay only for the water they use, they can save money while at the same time helping to protect Lake Michigan and save water.

Homeowner Incentives

Homeowners participating in MeterSave will receive a seven-year guarantee that the home water bill will be no higher than it would have if the meter had not been installed.

Upon installation of the meter, and while supplies are available, homeowners will be eligible for one of the following additional incentives (1, 2, OR 3). (Note: If an entire block volunteers for the MeterSave program, homeowners on that block are eligible for up to two of the incentives.)

1) An outdoor water conservation kit, which includes:
– Hose timer
– Rain gauge
– Water restricting hose nozzle
– Moisture sensor

2) An indoor water conservation kit, which includes:
– Low-flow showerhead (allows maximum water effienciency)
– Shower timer
– Toilet flapper
– Leak detection tablets
– Toilet tank bank—a toilet tank water displacement pouch
– 4-quart fill cycle diverter that helps save water after flushing the toilet
– Swivel low-flow kitchen aerator
– Two bathroom sink aerators
– Teflon tape
– Water conservation wheel

3) A water meter monitor (refrigerator magnet that shows water usage)

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Customers who are non-metered, residential single-family and two-flat owners in the city of Chicago will be able to volunteer.

How Do I Sign Up?

Interested homeowners may visit to complete a quick and easy online registration (an online calendar will allow you to select an open appointment). They can also call 3-1-1, the City of Chicago’s non-emergency hotline for services, or the Department of Water Management at 312-744-4420.

• At the time of enrolling, you should have the following information readily available:
-Account number
-Zip code
-Location of shut-off valve or water pipe

• To enroll, a person must be:
-the owner of the property
-current on their water bill
-able to remove all items from the area where the crew will be working

What Will it Cost to Participate?

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management (DWM) will install a meter complete with the automatic meter reading (AMR) technology in your home free of charge within 3-4 weeks of enrolling.

AMR technology allows readings to be transmitted via wireless radio technology to water department vehicles as they drive by, eliminating the need for meter readings to take place inside the home.

If you have any additional questions about these programs, please call CUB at 1-800-669-5556.

CUB works hard to maintain the accuracy and timeliness of this information, but programs often change and/or run out of money. CUB is not responsible for the administration of any of the programs described in this fact sheet. If you are having trouble applying for or receiving benefits from any of the programs described above, please contact the administrator of that program. Please notify CUB if you find any inaccuracies here.