CUB successfully pushed for legislation that caps the "exit fees" that alternative electric suppliers can charge. Send your legislators a thank you message and let them know you support pro-consumer legislation.
Send a message asking federal regulators to investigate the electricity auction that led to a 30 percent spike for many customers in Central and Southern Illinois.
State regulators have approved the merger between Wisconsin Energy and Integrys Energy Group (the parent company of Chicago utility Peoples Gas). CUB vowed to make sure Wisconsin Energy is held accountable and consumers aren't left on the hook for a disastrous Peoples Gas pipe-replacement program.
Scott Allen, CUB's environmental outreach coordinator in the organization's Hillsboro office, travels across Illinois each month to deliver money-saving advice. Check out where he's been in 2015!
Annette helped Cheryl save her grandmother $1,286 after the 97-year old got switched to an alternative supplier.
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