Join 1,350+ who have sent messages to their senators warning them about a bill that could cripple the Federal Communications Commission from acting on consumer complaints about Internet price gouging.
Ameren says customers could see two small decreases on their electric bills—one this summer and one in 2017. The June 1 decrease comes after consumer advocates pushed for market reforms in the wake of a 30 percent price spike.
People in certain communities that have a power deal with Constellation are receiving letters informing them that their electricity price is going up. Get the details.
A CUB review found that more than 100 community power deals in Northern Illinois are charging higher rates than ComEd. If you're on one of these deals, it's a good time to look at your power bill, CBS 2 Chicago reported.
Bad news for ComEd customers today: The utility has asked state regulators for a $138 million delivery rate hike. CUB will review the proposal "and do everything we can to eliminate wasteful spending and reduce the rate hike as much as possible," CUB Executive Director David Kolata said today.
Did executives connected to Peoples Gas mislead state regulators about a disastrous pipeline replacement program that's costing Chicagoans billions of dollars? Urge the Illinois Commerce Commission to issue subpoenas. Consumers deserve the truth.