It’s hard to beat a consumer group...
November 23, 2009—No doubt, our 25th anniversary year has been a tough one. It’s hard to celebrate when we’re so busy, as about $1 billion of your money hangs in the balance in cases before state regulators and the courts. Still, I can’t help but be optimistic when I think of this year.

We’ve saved consumers millions of dollars on their phone bills, through our award-winning online tools (the Local Phone Cost-cutter and the Cellphone Saver), and we’ve held more than 80 phone clinics across the state, showing consumers how to save an average of about $200 a year. A new record! We also launched CUB Energy Saver), a cutting-edge tool that allows you to build a customized money-saving plan to make your home more energy-efficient.

Plus, we uncovered $1.5 billion in phone overcharges, launched a campaign to show cell-phone customers how to save hundreds of dollars a year, and exposed one of the nation’s most wasteful power companies—all while battling a gas company for a $287 million customer refund.

But the stories that make me the most proud are the ones that fill our membership rolls.

Take Marcia Kizior, who showed up at our Romeoville phone clinic. CUB staffers were packing up when Kizior arrived, but they gave her the time of day. Kizior learned how to cut her phone bill about in half, and CUB gained a new member.

“Since (CUB) bent over backwards to help me I thought it was the least I could do,” Kizior said. “You are a great organization and I intend to be with you for awhile.”

Kizior, who is disabled, has faced her share of obstacles, but, like a true CUB member, she seems to live the Babe Ruth quote: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” The same is true for CUB. Because you never give up, we’ll never give up.