Telecommunications service quality standards
The service-quality standards under Illinois’ Telecommunication Act apply to customers on AT&T's Consumer's Choice plans or their phone company's standard measured rates.

Local phone companies must install new service by a customer’s requested date, as long as that date is at least five days away. If the company misses the deadline, the customer will get all or part of their installation fees waived and, for extended delays, a choice of a $20 per day credit or alternative phone service.

Phone companies that cause an outage are required to restore service within 24 hours. When outages last more than 24 hours, customers will get credits toward their monthly recurring service charges, depending on how long the problem lasts.

Customers who suffer outages lasting more than five days will have their entire monthly service charges waived, plus the option of receiving a $20 per day credit or alternative phone service.

The law also mandates that phone company technicians keep all service appointments with customers unless they give 24-hour advance notice. A missed appointment without advance notice, entitles the customer to a $50 credit.

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