Homeowners’ Energy Conservation Program
The Homeowners' Energy Conservation Program encourages homeowners and developers to incorporate energy conservation products and materials in rehabilitation and home improvement projects. The program benefits include:

 A free home improvement and energy efficiency consultation plan

 A comprehensive mortgage package that rolls the cost of home improvements and purchase funds into one single payment plan

 Reduced energy costs and monthly utility bills as well as a more valuable home

 A free ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator from Sears for participants including $2,000 in eligible energy efficient repairs in their rehab projects

Homeowners interested in participating must submit a rehab plan to a ShoreBank mortgage lending specialist. The mortgage specialist will then perform a free mortgage check-up and arrange for a free energy consultation to help the homeowner understand the energy saving options available. Participants then finalize their rehab plans and submit the necessary paperwork after the repairs are made in order to receive their free refrigerator.

Homeowners and developers of a single-, or multi-family (one to four units) residence on Chicago’s South and West sides are eligible to participate in the program. To qualify, the project must include a rehab component of at least $5,000.

For more information about ShoreBank visit www.sbk.com.

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