CUB's Natural Gas Price Checker
CUB's Natural Gas Price Checker shows what Illinois' largest utilities charge for the gas you use to heat your home. The Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) is a "supply" charge that changes monthly.

It's different from the companies' "delivery" charges, which you pay to get the gas to your home. See what you're paying and how it compares to other utilities.

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What is the PGA?
The Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) charge is based on the price that a utility pays for natural gas. Under the law, gas utilities are supposed to pass on this cost to customers, without a markup. The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) doesn't approve this per-therm charge in advance, but it reviews the charge annually and can order a refund for customers if it finds the utilities weren't using sound business practices to buy gas at a reasonable cost. Depending on the utility, this charge also is called the "cost of gas charge," the "natural gas cost," the "gas charge adjustment," or the "gas supply charge."
What is a therm?
A gas meter measures usage in cubic feet, but your utility converts that figure to a unit of measurement called a "therm" on your gas bill. An average home furnace uses about one therm per hour of heat production.

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