Help Stop Ameren's Rate Hike!
Testimony filed by CUB and the Illinois Attorney General's office shows that Ameren's $90 million rate-hike request should be rejected by state regulators, and consumers should instead get a $2 million rate cut! (Read CUB's talking points on the case.)

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is set to rule on Ameren's request in January 2012, but you can help stop the rate hike right now, by taking these steps.

1. Call the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)
Tell state regulators why Ameren doesn't deserve a $90 million pay raise. Call the ICC at 1-800-524-0795 and say NO to an Ameren rate hike.
2. File a comment online
File a public comment online with state regulators. Tell them you're fed up with sky-rocketing rates and utility greed. The case number for Ameren's electric rate-hike proposal is 11-0279. The case number for Ameren's gas rate-hike proposal is 11-0282.
3. Spread the word
Rally your community against Ameren's $90 million proposal by gathering signatues for a petition telling state regulators why Illinois can't afford ANOTHER huge Ameren rate hike. Mail the petition to the Illinois Commerce Commission, 527 E. Capitol Ave., Springfield, IL 62701.
Become a rate-hike hero!
Ameren spends millions of dollars on armies of lawyers to fight for higher rates, but CUB has a secret weapon: You! Over the last 27 years, Illinois consumers have supported CUB as we've helped win more than $10 billion in rate-hike reductions and consumer refunds. Help CUB protect your bottom line!