Illinois Utility Policy
Learn about the key laws and policies behind our electric, natural gas, and telecommunications bills. You can find information on statewide policy and utility- specific policy.
These policies affect utility customers across the state of Illinois. Read how to protect yourself from telemarketers and if you're eligible for compensation after a power outage.

Read CUB's fact sheet on the Clean Jobs bill. If enacted, the legislation would reduce pollution, create 32,000+ jobs/year, and save IL consumers $1.6 billion.

Learn about the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), the state agency that determines your electric and natural gas rates.

Learn about the smart grid in Illinois.

Get the facts on new digital smart meters.

Did your power go out? See if you can get compensation for power outages.

Getting compensation from ComEd for damages incurred during the July 11, 2011 power outage.

Stop telemarketers with the FTC's no-call list.

Read the Telecommunications Act of 2010.

Read a summary of Illinois' 1997 Electric Restructuring Law.

Read about the Electric Rate Relief Reform Act of 2007.

Get the facts on the ICC Reform Act of 2009.

Learn about the Energy Efficient Building Act of 2009.
Utility Specific
CUB explains key developments with certain utilities and how they impact our bills.

Learn about the Utility of the Future and see how it can open the door to a healthier electric market and lower power bills.

Read the 2007 Peoples and North Shore Gas rate case.

Get the facts on the2009 Nicor Gas rate case.