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30 Prizes for 30 Years

20140123_30thAnniversary_icon1024X1024_fbJoin us in celebrating our 30th Anniversary here at CUB!

We’re giving away 30 prizes for 30 years of serving you—helping you save big on your bills, updating you on the latest news, and fighting for your rights against the utility companies.

We’re picking 10 winners for each of the 3 days of our contest.  If you missed yesterday, there’s still time!  Enter today’s drawing here.  Then, be sure to come back tomorrow for your last chance to win—including our grand prize (I’m not telling what it is, but you won’t want to miss it).

Congrats to yesterday’s winners: Robert P., John A., Chuck V., Bob F., Allan B., Winifred H., Frank H., Diane L., Lorraine C., and Marciann K.!

Thanks for your support and here’s to another 30 years of working for Illinois consumers!