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Happy Earth Week

20140421_EarthDay_blogIt looks like spring is finally rearing its head in Illinois just in time for Earth Week! To celebrate our planet–and the thousands of awesome, loyal CUB members who have stood by us for 30 years–CUB is hosting a special Earth Day Giveaway.

One grand prize winner will walk away with a shiny new energy efficiency kit that includes a Smart Power Strip (a device that automatically cuts off power to appliances and electronics not in use), a Kill A Watt (a device that tells you how much electricity your appliances are using), a money-saving LED bulb, and $25 off your next utility bill!

Two runner-ups will receive an energy-efficient LED bulb, which can save up to $100 over the course of the bulb’s lifetime.

Energy efficiency takes care of our planet and your bills–talk about a win-win!  Enter our giveaway now  for a chance to win great Earth Week prizes!