Electric Vehicle Incentives

EV Infrastructure Rebate Program

The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) provides rebates toward the purchase and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Eligible applicants for this rebate program include units of government, businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and individual residents.

The maximum possible total rebate award is $50,000. EV charging stations must be purchased and installed prior to submitting a rebate application. Completed applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

Eligible charging stations that are purchased and installed (in compliance with program guidelines) on or after August 29, 2013 will qualify for the rebate program. The new guidelines and application packet will be available on the IL DCEO Electric Vehicle Webpage.

As of January 1, 2014, all EV charging stations installations (with the exception of self-installed stations at residential locations) must be performed by an installer that is certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). DCEO cannot provide rebates for projects that do not comply with the ICC’s requirements.

Individuals and entities installing EV charging stations on their property must notify their electric utility both before and after the installation.

For questions and application submissions, please email IllinoisEV@Illinois.gov.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Registration Fee Reduction

The owner of an EV may register for a discounted registration fee not to exceed $35 for a two-year registration period. The registration fee for an EV may not exceed $18 per year. To qualify for the reduced fee, the EV must weigh 8,000 pounds or less. (Reference 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/3-805.)

Illinois Alternate Fuels Rebate Program

This program is available to any resident, business, local government or organization in Illinois. It offers rebates to anyone using E85 or biodiesel fuels (20 percent blend or higher), for purchasing a new alternate fuel vehicle, or for converting a conventional vehicle to alternate fuel. Please read all instructions and forms before applying. For more information and to verify the eligibility of a certain type of vehicle, call 217-557-1441.

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