Home Energy Audits

General Information

Home energy audits pinpoint what parts of your home’s heating and cooling system and building structure are inefficient. They also enable the auditor to determine what upgrades to your home will help you save the most energy and have the fastest payback period.

Auditors use a variety of equipment and techniques to assess how much energy is consumed in your home and where energy is lost. For example, a calibrated blower door determines where air is leaking from your home. An infrared camera detects temperature differences to identify thermal defects and determine if insulation is needed. A home energy audit may also determine whether your heating and cooling system is efficient, and whether your duct work is properly sized.

The cost of an audit varies, depending on the auditor you choose and the type of equipment used.

Energy Impact Illinois

The Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) program will connect you with a trusted energy advocate to help you identify how your home uses energy – and wastes it – and identify the most cost-effective improvements you can make for a more efficient and comfortable home. The program is led by Elevate Energy.

Elevate Energy serves as your advocate through the entire process and helps you find rebates and loans to reduce the cost of energy efficiency improvements. More than 4,000 homes in Illinois have participated in Energy Impact Illinois, saving an average of $400 annually on utility bills. You can also qualify for the Illinois Home Performance with ENERGY STAR,if your home becomes 15 percent more efficient.

The program provides a comprehensive energy assessment of your home for just $99. Or there is even a free option if you host an energy impact “house party“.

Here’s what you can expect during your energy assessment. Call 1-855-9-IMPACT to schedule one, or learn more information at, EnergyImpactIllinois.org.


RESNET certified auditors don’t have a financial incentive to recommend one upgrade over another, so they are often the ideal starting point for making efficient improvements to your home.

To find an auditor in Illinois, visit the Certified Rater Directory compiled by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). RESNET is an accrediting organization for home energy auditors, and members must comply with a RESNET Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Illinois Association of Energy Raters (IAER)

IAER’s Comprehensive Home Energy Audits:

Performing a comprehensive energy audit on your home can give you the information you need to make targeted improvements to your home without wasting money and time. Home energy audits can be performed on houses, townhomes, condos, or whole multifamily buildings. IAER members are experienced in analysis of existing homes, especially if they are BPI certified. Many of the same tests apply to Audits as in Ratings, but there is more focus on combustion safety, indoor air quality, and moisture issues since the home may have been built years ago and renovated since then.

Visit IAER’s Professionals Directory to find a comprehensive home energy auditor near you.