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Protect solar power—Oppose a tariff

We want to alert you about an important issue that could have a devastating impact on our efforts to fight for a more reliable and affordable power grid.

Here’s a quick summary: A case before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC)—a federal agency that provides trade expertise to the White House—could more than double the cost of solar panels imported to the United States.

That would stall the growth of solar projects that help stabilize the grid and lower power prices. It also would be horrible for the U.S. economy: The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates it would kill about 88,000 jobs—one in every three in the solar industry.

Thanks to new state legislation, the Future Energy Jobs Act, Illinois is on the verge of a major expansion in solar power. But that progress is threatened by this case, which the ITC is set to rule on Sept. 22.

Please, step to the plate for solar! Educate yourself about this case, and take action.