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Energy-efficient holiday buying guide

By Samantha Vercellino

If Black Friday was a bust (which it was for me), you’re still racking your brain for what to get your family and friends. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of our top five energy-efficient stocking stuffers.


Original Koostik iPhone Stereo Dock

Powerless stereo speakers. iPhone enthusiasts can amplify their holiday music without using even a kilowatt-hour of electricity. The classy-looking Koostik stereo dock, made entirely out of solid wood, amplifies the music coming from the iPhone’s internal speakers. It delivers a vibrant sound without the hassle of plugs. While the acoustic system is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, there are some genres of music that sound better on it than others. But if you know someone who loves coffeehouse jams and indie rock songs, this could be the perfect gift. Price: $89.00

Window Solar Charger

Window Solar Charger

Window solar charger. Give the tech- obsessed person in your life a sunny disposition with a colorful Window Solar Charger. It sticks to the inside of a window with the solar panels facing out, and then harnesses the power of the sun to juice up your devices. The receiver of this nifty gift doesn’t have to worry about any shadows—from window frames, curtains, plants and other annoying objects that can get in the way of other chargers. Price: $21.99 on Amazon

Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle Touch

Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle Touch

Solar Lighted Kindle Cover. The bright news this holiday season is that book lovers can turn on their Kindles whenever they wish using the Solar Lighted Cover from Solar Focus. The cover’s design includes a built-in solar panel that charges the reserve battery for an LED reading light while also providing extra power to the device. Just one hour in direct sunlight can provide almost three days worth of reading time! No sun? Don’t worry, a power adapter or USB port can still be used. Price: $49.95


Bedol Water-Powered Clock

Water-powered clock. Keep your loved ones on time throughout the year by stuffing their stockings with a water-powered alarm clock by Bedol.  The eco-friendly clock functions solely on natural tap water–no batteries, chemicals or electricity needed! And it only has to be refilled about once every six months. (Changing water won’t affect time because of its built-in memory chip.) Best of all, it comes in a variety of colors (blue, green, purple, charcoal, orange), so have fun shopping. Price: $26.00

Recompute Desktop Computer

Recompute Desktop Computer

Sustainable computer. Okay, so maybe this won’t fit in a stocking, but the green computer geek in your life would love to find a customized Recompute computer underneath the tree. It’s a desktop computer that’s made up of corrugated cardboard, has 10 USB ports and an ample hard drive. Plus, it runs on Windows 7 or Linux OS and uses Firefox to browse the web. Unlike other desktops, Recompute was built using sustainable practices, and at the end of its lifespan (about five years), it’s much easier to recycle than a standard computer. Price: $599.95