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Tell AT&T, Comcast to do something about robocalls

Did you know in 2018, people in the United States got hit with a record 47.8 billion robocalls? That’s about 147 calls per person. That’s ridiculous.

And Illinois is one of the hardest hit states in the country–in December alone we received 168 million automated calls. Some robocalls are good–like for school closings. But about a third of these calls are scams, according to YouMail, a telecom services firm.

Despite the explosion of robocalls, not much is being done to combat them. Bills in Congress haven’t gone anywhere, and just a few weeks ago Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel tweeted: “The FCC is not doing enough to stop this scourge of nuisance calls. Not by a long shot.” So in December, Rosenworcel wrote letters to big telecom providers, like AT&T and Comcast, urging them to offer their customers free call-blocking technology.

Today, CUB is urging Illinoisans to join her in that campaign. You’ve sent messages to Congress and the FCC about this problem. Let’s also make sure AT&T and Comcast hear our message loud and clear: We hate robocalls.

Please, sign our petition and we will make sure to send it to Big Telecom, as well as the FCC. We’ll keep up the pressure until the people in power come up with solutions. Thanks!

P.S. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, Forbes has some helpful tips to block robocalls on both here.