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February 2019: CUB’s top battles

General Counsel Julie Soderna and Senior Attorney Kelly Turner and the rest of the CUB team have these battles on their to-do list in 2019:

  • Most people don’t know that out-of-state energy corporations like NRG and Vistra are on the verge of convincing federal regulators to change electricity market rules. That would strike a blow to Illinois’ clean energy policy and raise bills for ComEd customers by up to $500 million a year. (Read more about this battle.)
  • Just months after getting a $93.5 million rate hike, Nicor Gas now wants a record-high $230 million rate hike. (It would be the highest gas hike CUB has ever seen, and it would give Nicor shareholders an outlandish 10.6% profit rate.)
  • Peoples Gas is on a spending binge that could quadruple costs to $11 billion for its mismanaged pipe-replacement program. CUB says legislation is needed to bring spending under control—because it’s a “looming disaster” for Chicago gas bills. (Sign our petition!)
  • AT&T wants to end traditional phone service for Illinois’ most vulnerable customers, and kill once and for all consumer protections called “net neutrality” for Internet users.
  • Alternative electric suppliers are preying on customers door-to-door and over the phone, and have overcharged Illinoisans by $551 million since 2015.

If you want to join the fight against rate hikes, rip-offs and corporate greed, you can give a gift to CUB here!