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CUB Battles

Q&A: The biggest consumer battle of 2019

For more than a year now, CUB has been sounding the alarm about a potential ruling at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that could raise ComEd power bills by up to $500 million a year. There have been delays in that ruling, but we now believe it is imminent. There is…...

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February 2019: CUB’s top battles

General Counsel Julie Soderna and Senior Attorney Kelly Turner and the rest of the CUB team have these battles on their to-do list in 2019: Most people don’t know that out-of-state energy corporations like NRG and Vistra are on the verge of convincing federal regulators to change electricity market rules.…...

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Spring report from CUB General Counsel Julie Soderna

By Julie Soderna, CUB General Counsel Just wanted to give you an update. The CUB staff and I are swamped with these battles in 2018: Fighting plans pushed by giant power generators to change electricity pricing rules in Washington and potentially raise ComEd bills by hundreds of millions of dollars.…...

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