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Clean Energy Lobby Day with CUB

CUB was joined by representatives from Faith in Place, Union of Concerned Scientists, Illinois Environmental Council and Elevate Energy for this year’s Clean Energy Lobby Day.

This week, CUB joined hundreds of concerned consumers for Clean Energy Lobby Day in Springfield.

It was an opportunity to speak to your representatives and senators about legislation that matters to you. On Thursday, busloads of people came to Springfield, including CUB staffers, to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA).

“We’re here to lobby our representatives about the Clean Energy Jobs Act…specifically how it can keep consumer bills lower,” said Scott Allen, environmental outreach coordinator at CUB. (Watch CUB’s Facebook LIVE from Clean Energy Lobby Day.)

CEJA would boost energy efficiency, take advantage of the falling cost of wind and solar power, and implement electricity market reforms to protect Illinois consumers from higher energy costs.

“It’s the only legislation in Springfield right now that’s consumer friendly,” said Cate York, sustainable communities liaison at CUB. “We want to make sure people aren’t disproportionately affected by the impact of certain energy market reforms.”

CEJA is supported by many groups CUB regularly works with, including Faith in Place, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Sierra Club Illinois, the Illinois Environmental Council and Elevate Energy.

“If we can provide opportunities for folks to participate in the clean energy economy and to benefit from it, then we’re doing a couple things,” said Pastor Booker Vance of Elevate Energy. “Not only are they saving on their usage, but they’re able to have careers in the industry.”

After the busy day, Scott from CUB had this observation:

“It was encouraging to see hundreds of people from all these different groups coming together to give Springfield a message that combined environmental justice, health and pro-consumer messages: Clean energy equals affordable energy. The people rallying for CEJA really understand that all of these interests are inseparable—what’s good for the planet is good for the pocketbook—and their efforts are much appreciated.”

For more details on the Clean Energy Jobs Act, check out CUB’s CEJA fact sheet. Also, urge your legislators to support CEJA.