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Urgent: Outrageous fee increase

You’ve shown an interest in the fight for clean, low-cost energy, so today we’re asking you to take action against a terrible proposal in Springfield that would punish electric vehicle (EV) drivers with an outrageous fee increase.

We’ve just been made aware of a legislative proposal that would jack up the annual registration fee for EV drivers from $17.50….to $1,000!

“The proposed fee increase is way too high,” CUB told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s punitive, it’s unfair and it goes against Illinois’ transportation trends and needs.”

Here’s why this proposal is a bad deal for everyone: CUB just published a paper that showed how smart EV charging policies could transform electric vehicles into a tool to manage the power grid and reduce electricity costs by billions for ALL consumers—even those who don’t drive an EV.

So we should be encouraging people to buy EVs, not scaring them away with ridiculous fees.

This proposal is being considered right now in the General Assembly, so please don’t wait to urge your legislators to oppose it!