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Bipartisan infrastructure bill would see funds for electric grid, internet, EVs

On Tuesday this week, the Senate passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a $1.2 trillion bipartisan bill that takes aim at the nation’s failing infrastructure. The plan includes funding for roads and bridges, broadband infrastructure and access, electric vehicle charging stations and research, and aged water systems. “Today the…...

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CUB Analysis: Put low-income communities at heart of state EV policy

With the right electric vehicle (EV) policies, Illinois can deliver cleaner air, low-cost transportation options and lower energy costs for all consumers, particularly in neighborhoods most burdened by pollution, poverty and high power bills, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) argues in a new analysis released Wednesday.  At a time when…...

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Chicago becomes national leader with EV ordinance that’s good for pocketbook, planet

Chicago has joined a small circle of U.S. cities pioneering policies to prepare for the projected growth in electric vehicles (EVs). On Friday, the City Council passed an ordinance that opens the door to cost-effective expansion of charging equipment in residential and commercial buildings. It’s called the Electric Vehicle Supply…...

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CUB study finds big savings for EV drivers with special Ameren pricing plan

A new study by CUB found that electric vehicle drivers in Central and Southern Illinois could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year in charging costs if they participate in an Ameren Illinois program called Power Smart Pricing. “Charge for Less: An Analysis of Electricity Pricing for Electric Vehicles in…...

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Urgent: Outrageous fee increase

You’ve shown an interest in the fight for clean, low-cost energy, so today we’re asking you to take action against a terrible proposal in Springfield that would punish electric vehicle (EV) drivers with an outrageous fee increase. We’ve just been made aware of a legislative proposal that would jack up…...

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