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Illinois’ Electric Vehicle Rebate Opens

Illinois is offering a rebate of up to $4,000 for approved electric vehicle purchases by Illinois residents. This is thanks to the Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) that Illinois signed into law last Fall with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and help reach a goal of over 1 million EVs on Illinois roads by 2030.

Alongside federal EV incentive programs, Illinois’ state incentive program provides a $4,000 rebate applicable to Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) purchases only. The rebate is not available for plug-in hybrid vehicles, which run on electricity and gas. It also does not cover electric mopeds, electric off-highway vehicles, or extended-range electric vehicles that are also equipped with conventional fueled propulsion or auxiliary engines.

Important: This rebate is not indefinite. It’s available until Sept. 30, so this summer may be the best time to buy.


All Illinois residents, regardless of income, are eligible for the rebate. The program will divide applications into two groups by income status with a priority for rebates going to lower-income applicants first. 

To qualify for the rebate, the vehicle must be all-electric and purchased on or after July 1. This applies to both new and used BEVs, but not leased or rented. There is up to $1,500 rebate available for purchases of all-electric motorcycles. 

How to Get the Rebate

Here are the steps according to the EPA website

  • Submit an application within 90 days of purchasing your electric vehicle in Illinois (must be purchased in-state).
  • Provide proof of Illinois residence, vehicle ownership, and purchase in Illinois. 
  • The buyer must own the vehicle for at least 12 months after the purchase date. Rebate recipients must notify the EPA within 60 days if they don’t meet the year-long ownership requirement. 

If selected for a rebate, individuals will receive a check from the Illinois Comptroller. The budget allocates $18.5 million for electric vehicle consumer rebates to the program, which is roughly 4,625 rebates at $4,000 each. For more information on the program, visit the Illinois EPA program website. Also, read the CUB EV Buyer’s Handbook for a review of the important questions to ask when considering an EV.

Helpful Resources

  • CUB EV Buyer’s Handbook– CUB’s consumer guide is designed to help you decide whether an electric vehicle is the right choice for your needs. 
  • Alternative Fuels Data Center: Electricity– A consumer guide to switching away from traditional gas-fueled vehicles, courtesy of the Department of Energy.
  • PlugStar– A shopping assistant from Plug In America for buying your electric vehicle through local EV dealers and retailers. This website has a tool to help estimate your incentives, costs, and environmental impact by location.
  • PlugShare– An interactive trip planner of electric vehicle charging stations worldwide compiled and updated by the world’s largest EV driver community. This website is also available as a free app for your smartphone (iOS and Android).