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Cut your TV costs with CUB’s updated cable guide

In September, we asked and you answered: The utility bill you hate the most is cable. The average consumer pays $100-$200 a month on their cable bill, but only watches an average of 17 channels! That’s why we’ve updated CUB’s Guide to Cutting Your TV Costs with the most recent…...

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CUB Analysis: Put low-income communities at heart of state EV policy

With the right electric vehicle (EV) policies, Illinois can deliver cleaner air, low-cost transportation options and lower energy costs for all consumers, particularly in neighborhoods most burdened by pollution, poverty and high power bills, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) argues in a new analysis released Wednesday.  At a time when…...

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Order CUB’s Guide to Home Savings (it’s free!)

The last thing you should be worrying about right now is high utility bills. That’s why CUB is bringing you a new guide to help cut your home costs and financial stress during this challenging time. Get a free, printer-friendly copy of CUB’s Guide to Home Savings emailed to you. Please…...

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Free Guide: 10 Ways To Cut Smartphone Data Waste

Late last year, a study was released that showed we pay some of the highest data costs on Earth. Are any of us surprised? Using your smartphone to access the Internet can be painfully expensive if you invest in an unlimited plan, or go over your plan’s data limit. That’s why…...

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CUB’s NEW Gas & Electric Guide

We are happy to announce that after months of research and writing by CUB’s experts, we are releasing an online Gas and Electric Guide, the first such publication in CUB’s 35-year history. This free handbook is a comprehensive guide to all the rules and regulations that govern how gas and electric utilities should…...

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