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Renewable Energy

So what the heck is a green plan?

At CUB we get a lot of calls from consumers who have questions about renewable energy plans that get pitched to them by alternative suppliers. These “green plans” are a legitimate choice, but some people have complained about exorbitant rates. If you’re shopping in the market, you should have all…...

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Send a message now: Support community solar!

CUB put out an emergency e-mail today to spark Illinoisans to send messages to Springfield in support of solar power. Last year, state regulators updated Illinois’ Community Solar Standard. The standard opens the door for entire neighborhoods to enjoy the money-saving benefits of solar energy—even families who can’t afford solar…...

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CUB/EDF propose an IL first: Community Solar

Power to the people, right on. -John Lennon Mr. Lennon would have appreciated the “community solar” proposal that CUB and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have made before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). The proposal would smash barriers that have kept families from enjoying the benefits of renewable energy. Imagine entire neighborhoods getting…...

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Coalition: Improved efficiency, renewable energy standards could spark 30,000 jobs a year

For years, CUB has been saying that efficiency and renewable energy are good for our economy. Today, we’ve got numbers to back it up. At a news conference this morning, 55 business, environmental, labor and consumer advocacy leaders (including CUB Executive Director David Kolata) announced the formation of the Illinois…...

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