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Nexamp and Clearway: Two new community solar offers available to Illinois consumers

In this article, we’ll break down the terms and conditions of two community solar offers advertised by Nexamp and Clearway. Let’s start with the basics  What is “community solar”? Community solar is an exciting new program in Illinois that can help reduce your electric bill while supporting the development of new solar…...

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The facts on Arcadia Power’s community solar offer

Did you receive a mailing from Arcadia Power, touting community solar?  Have you seen Arcadia’s advertisements online? Consumers from across Illinois are asking CUB lots of questions about Arcadia’s offer.  We’ll try to break it down below. What is “community solar”? Community solar is an exciting new program in Illinois that can help…...

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Making History: The results of Illinois’ first solar lottery

By Christina Uzzo CUB Environmental Outreach Coordinator  In a first in state history, the Illinois Power Agency (IPA) held a lottery to determine which proposed solar projects would receive funding through a new state program called the “Adjustable Block Program.” Hundreds of projects won funding, including 112 community solar projects…...

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Future looks bright for solar in Illinois

By Martin Manov, CUB volunteer The state’s new Community Solar program offers a bright and clean future for Illinois. I, for one, have always been a strong advocate for clean energy and sustainability—and I’m not alone. “Going green” is a good investment, because it can lower energy costs and help…...

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What is the Future Energy Jobs Act? CUB analyzes Illinois’ biggest energy legislation in years

The Illinois General Assembly has passed the Future Energy Jobs Act, one of the most significant pieces of energy legislation in the past 20 years. CUB members should know about this new law. What is it?  The Future Energy Jobs Act (Senate Bill 2814) is a compromise bill that was…...

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Send a message now: Support community solar!

CUB put out an emergency e-mail today to spark Illinoisans to send messages to Springfield in support of solar power. Last year, state regulators updated Illinois’ Community Solar Standard. The standard opens the door for entire neighborhoods to enjoy the money-saving benefits of solar energy—even families who can’t afford solar…...

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