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Electrifying news: Utilities offer home rebates, discounts for moving from gas to electricity

By: Kate Shonk
CUB Sustainable Communities Liason

At almost every outreach event, CUB staff fields questions on electrification. Now more than ever, it’s clear consumers are curious about alternatives to gas, and now more than ever there are financial incentives to help them make that switch. 

Because electric supply can come from renewable energy sources, electrifying your home can lead to lower emissions and more affordable utility bills. (Read CUB’s blog on “What is Electrification?”)

Transitioning away from gas in your own home can seem daunting, but it can start by replacing one outdated, broken or inefficient gas-powered appliance. And on top of the environmental benefits of electrification, there are new financial incentives. 

We compiled a list of rebates to help you begin the electrification process, but be sure to check out CUB’s Statewide Better Heat Guide for more information on cheaper and cleaner ways to fuel your home. 

For those in ComEd territory, check out these rebates:

To get started on the rebate or discount process in ComEd territory:

For those in Ameren territory, check out these rebates:

To get started on the rebate or discount process in Ameren territory:

For any questions, call 1-866-828-6918.

About the author: Kate Shonk started at CUB in 2022. She serves as the main contact for grassroots outreach events and works to advocate for Illinois consumers. Kate graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020 with degrees in English and Political Science. Her favorite part about working for CUB is combining her passions for community organizing and environmental policy. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, writing, and staying active around the city.