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building electrification

We asked for your clean energy testimonials and CUB supporters delivered

We asked our e-newsletter recipients for their energy success stories, and we received many great testimonials on how you’re using clean energy to cut costs. Here are a few of our favorites. Derek, Oak Park Using state and federal clean energy rebates, Derek was able to achieve a significant reduction…...

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Electrifying news: Utilities offer home rebates, discounts for moving from gas to electricity

By: Kate Shonk CUB Sustainable Communities Liason At almost every outreach event, CUB staff fields questions on electrification. Now more than ever, it’s clear consumers are curious about alternatives to gas, and now more than ever there are financial incentives to help them make that switch.  Because electric supply can…...

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What is Electrification? A CUB Explainer

What’s with all the buzz about electrification? CUB has a new “Better Heat” guide that explains this topic in-depth, but here’s a quick CUB explainer to help break it all down.  What is electrification?  Building electrification is the process of replacing fossil-fueled equipment like furnaces and natural gas stoves with…...

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Here’s what Illinois consumers need to know about Inflation Reduction Act clean energy benefits

Now that the historic Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has been signed into law, many consumers are wondering how they can benefit from the money-saving, clean energy provisions in the bill. The IRA represents much needed relief at a time when 1 in 6 homes in America are behind on their…...

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Greenflation: Myth vs Fact

Amid headlines about record inflation, critics of clean energy policy have tried to blame it for the higher heating bills and the general surge in prices–they even use the term “greenflation.” But climate-friendly policy is not the cause of the high prices.  The world was already grappling with pandemic-related supply…...

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