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Environmental Defense Fund

For a cheaper, cleaner power grid: CUB, EDF greenhouse gas metric to measure smart grid benefits

A first-of-its-kind metric proposed by CUB and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions due to groundbreaking smart grid improvements. The metric was developed in concert with ComEd, which became the first utility in the country to adopt this greenhouse gas measurement tool. Calculating the environmental benefits of clean…...

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CUB/EDF propose an IL first: Community Solar

Power to the people, right on. -John Lennon Mr. Lennon would have appreciated the “community solar” proposal that CUB and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have made before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). The proposal would smash barriers that have kept families from enjoying the benefits of renewable energy. Imagine entire neighborhoods getting…...

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Leading the nation: CUB, EDF push for a smarter, cleaner power grid in Illinois

Part of CUB’s watchdog role is making sure Illinois’ two biggest utilities do the “smart grid” right. That’s why CUB and the Environmental Defense Fund have just made a major proposal before state regulators to make sure $3 billion in historic upgrades to the power grid work for consumers. CUB…...

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