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What is the Future Energy Jobs Act? CUB analyzes Illinois’ biggest energy legislation in years

The Illinois General Assembly has passed the Future Energy Jobs Act, one of the most significant pieces of energy legislation in the past 20 years. CUB members should know about this new law. What is it?  The Future Energy Jobs Act (Senate Bill 2814) is a compromise bill that was…...

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Live in Illinois? Your Energy Data May be Easier for You to Access than Ever Before

By: David Kolata and Andrew Barbeau Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to electricity. And as Illinois’ biggest electric utility installs 4 million new digital, advanced meters across the state, people are on the brink of obtaining the intelligence they need to maximize the benefits of this smart…...

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For a cheaper, cleaner power grid: CUB, EDF greenhouse gas metric to measure smart grid benefits

A first-of-its-kind metric proposed by CUB and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions due to groundbreaking smart grid improvements. The metric was developed in concert with ComEd, which became the first utility in the country to adopt this greenhouse gas measurement tool. Calculating the environmental benefits of clean…...

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