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CUB in your neighborhood: June 2019 events

CUB’s Outreach team staffs over 500 events throughout the year all across Illinois. Come see us at a utility bill clinic, tabling event or speaking engagement!

CUB is on the road year-round helping consumers save money on their utility bills. But our Outreach team is especially excited for the summer months ahead, because that means more opportunities for outdoor events!

As part of CUB’s 35th Anniversary Clean Bill Campaign, we’re aiming to staff at least 500 events in 2019, to help consumers like you clean your bills of errors that could be costing you. Our CUB experts are also available at any event to sign you up on the spot for money-saving energy efficiency programs.

Check out our June events below. Click on any event for more information such as specific addresses, times and other details.

Hope to see you this summer! Visit CUB’s Events Calendar for more bill clinics, speaking engagements and other events CUB will be hosting this year.