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Biggest bank hack ever

Tell Congress: Protect my private data now

If there’s any time to urge Congress to do more to protect our personal information, it’s now.

  • Capital One just announced that a hacker got her hands on the personal information of 106 million customers. That includes credit scores, bank account numbers and 140,000 Social Security Numbers. One watchdog called it the worst bank hack ever.
  • That news came only a week after the Federal Trade Commission announced a $700 million settlement of the Equifax data breach of 2017, which affected 147 million Americans. $700 million is less than a quarter’s worth of the company’s 2017 revenue. These penalties aren’t sufficient to force corporations to improve.

These days experts recommend you should just assume that scammers already have your data. Enough is enough!

Read tips on what you should do if you’re a Capital One customer.

Send a message to Congress to demand better privacy laws.

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