Complaint Form

Do you have a complaint or question with a utility company? CUB’s Consumer Advocacy Department may be able to help.

Please complete the applicable form with as much information as possible. Your submission will be assigned to one of our consumer rights specialists after our office open reopens and will be responded to in the order it was received. By completing this form, you authorize our specialists to submit this form to our contacts at the applicable utility company for the sole purpose of resolving your complaint.

If you have an emergency, please DO NOT complete the form. We would instead encourage you to contact the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) at 1-800-524-0795, Monday through Friday between 8:30-5:00. Thank you.

**PLEASE NOTE: This form uses the reCAPTCHA security feature which may cause it to time out. To avoid possibly having to re-enter your data, please be sure to have all your information before starting.**

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