Welcome to the online edition of The CUB Voice! We’ve mailed out a smaller print edition to conserve costs in the wake of a record number of rate-hike battles. But this digital version has full coverage of how your CUB team is fighting for lower utility bills, clean energy and consumer protections in 2024.  My special request: On our 40th anniversary, please help us offer vital, free consumer services by contributing to our $750,000 goal. Thank you!

Sarah Moskowitz, CUB Executive Director

CUB challenges new (and old) rate hikes in 2024: Help us fight them!

CUB’s 40th anniversary is going to be another tough year, as consumers already face multiple rate hikes.

Capitol Report: CUB’s 2024 agenda to lower utility bills

Each year, we take on greedy utilities at the State Capitol. Learn more about how our fight for the Utility Affordability Act gained national attention.

Happy 40th anniversary, CUB!

It’s hard to believe CUB opened its doors 40 years ago. You made this possible! Visit our special 40th anniversary page.

Fighting for your rights at nation's largest power grid

Ever heard of PJM? This organization manages the nation’s largest power grid and has a key impact on reliability, clean energy and our power bills. Meet Clara Summers, the CUB staffer fighting for your rights at PJM.

Spring into Savings with CUB's Energy Efficiency Tips

It’s time to get your home ready for warmer weather. Remember: Energy efficiency is just as important during the spring and summer as it is during the winter so make sure to include these home maintenance tasks on your spring cleaning checklist.

So what's happened to your electric rates in 2024?

State regulators last December issued a series of orders that significantly reduced the record rate hikes Commonwealth Edison and Ameren Illinois wanted while also rejecting their plans to upgrade the power grid, ruling that they violated several provisions of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA). Read our Q&A on the electric rulings, and our guide to your new rates in 2024.

So what's happened to your gas rates in 2024?

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) issued rulings last November that reduced record rate hikes proposed by Illinois’ major gas utilities by $240 million, while also blocking most spending on a controversial pipeline-replacement program that has fueled a heating-affordability crisis for consumers in recent years. Read our Q&A on the gas rulings, and our guide to your new rates in 2024.

So what's the Clean and Affordable Building Ordinance?

Check out CUB’s Q&A about the Clean and Affordable Buildings Ordinance, or CABO, which the Chicago City Council is considering. This is part of our work for cheaper and cleaner forms of heat.

Making a difference: Future looks sunny for this CUB member

Donna saves money and supports clean energy through a program that allows people to enjoy the benefits of solar power without installing panels. “Signing up for community solar was so simple and is going really well,” she says.

CUB Cartoon—"Utility Boss: I can't take another 40 years of this!"

CUB’s Matt Harvey goes over an electricity bill with a consumer at a utility bill clinic.

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