The Illinois Telecom Act is up for review in the General Assembly's 2015 session. Consumer advocates expect big phone companies to push for the end of landline phone service in Illinois. A significant number of consumers still rely on traditional home phones. Tell legislators to protect them!
Check out the media coverage AARP and CUB received today, as we launched a statewide "Save Our Service" campaign to protect traditional home phone service.
CUB and AARP Illinois today held six news conferences across the state as part of a "Save Our Service" campaign to protect consumers who still rely on traditional home phone service as their most reliable and affordable telecom option. Read our release.
CUB has opened an online "Save Our Service" center to help consumers learn why we're fighting to protect home phone service, and to give them a chance to let their voice be heard.
Consumer advocates expect AT&T to renew its fight to kill the Consumer's Choice plans. Those are low-cost phone plans that were created by CUB under a legal settlement and are currently under a state-mandated rate freeze.