CUB today held a news conference to alert Chicago consumers about a major change to their power bills, to warn them about bad power deals, and to introduce a new line tool:
CUB’s new power calculator can help you judge whether an offer from an alternative supplier is a hot deal, or just a lot of hot air!
New power rules prompted by the 2013-14 Polar Vortex could cause your electricity bills to increase beginning next summer. Read more about the rule change—and who stands to profit—from the Chicago Tribune.
Peoples Gas' parent company gave the boot to the contractor managing its disastrous pipeline replacement program in Chicago, after updated estimates show the project will cost more than $8 billion over 20 years—almost four times the original projection.
Lisa's Comcast bundle kept skyrocketing month-after-month. So she took her Dad's advice, called CUB and saved! Check out the full-story.
Spark Energy has sent out letters that contain false information in a pitch to get Chicago-area consumers to sign up for the alternative electric supplier. Read all about it.
Learn how an obscure electricity auction led to a 30 percent increase in power prices in Central and Southern Illinois. Join thousands who have sent messages asking federal regulators to investigate Illinois' power market.
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