The City of Chicago, Illinois Attorney General, and CUB asked regulators to delay consideration of a merger between Peoples Gas' parent company and Wisconsin Energy in light of a new investigation into potential mismanagement of a costly Peoples pipeline replacement program.
Watch CUB give Chicago ABC 7's Jason Knowles tips on how to avoid bad deals in the natural gas market. Be a smart shopper!
CUB Shows Highest Gas Prices In Illinois
Consumers in Illinois have the ability to choose their natural gas supplier. But be careful! CUB reviewed dozens of offers and compiled the highest prices in the market. Read the list and CUB's tips for smart shopping.
Ask The Governor To Veto Now
Did you know that the Illinois General Assembly has voted for a two-year extension of automatic rate hikes for Ameren and ComEd? Make sure your voice is heard. Ask the governor to veto this bill!
A home energy audit is a cost-effective first step to reducing energy loss in your home.
Check out which Illiinois cities and neighborhoods have registered the highest electricity savings through CUB Energy Saver, CUB’s free online service that can show consumers how to cut power bills by hundreds of dollars a year.
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