CUB's Help Center: Responding to COVID-19

Consumer Alert: High Gas Prices, Moratorium on Shut-offs Ending

Having trouble paying your utility bills?

Info About Energy Assistance

If you are having difficulty affording your utility bills during the pandemic, there is money available for lower income families.

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CUB's Virtual Services

The CUB team is working from home and postponing all community events until further notice. However, we are well-equipped to continue to perform all of our important tasks for as long as this crisis lasts. Please:

  • Use CUB’s toll-free Consumer Hotline and online complaint system: If you have a complaint or question about your utility service, please do not hesitate to call CUB, 1-800-669-5556, to talk to an expert 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, or to file a complaint online. (We will be answering phones and processing complaints from home.)
  • Email your utility bills for a free analysis: Send a copy of your most recent electric, natural gas and telecom bills to CUB at We will analyze them for potential ways to save and give you clean energy tips. (Please read more about this CUB service.)
  • Attend one of CUB’s virtual events:  Here’s a rundown of our March events. (Past webinars include home energy savings, Illinois’ new solar programs, and reducing robocalls and cutting your cable bill.)
  • Have CUB hold a virtual event: We will hold special virtual events for community groups. These presentations can cover a number of utility-related and clean energy topics, such as reducing your utility costs, Illinois’  solar options and programs, how to sign up for good energy efficiency programs, and special pricing plans such as Hourly Pricing and Power Smart Pricing. If your community group is interested in such a program, please email Joe Giamberdino, CUB’s outreach coordinator.
  • Use our library of free consumer publications: During a crisis like this, outlandish theories gain traction on social media and scam artists try to take advantage of people. Read our tips, and be sure to follow our WatchBlog for more news. Get tips on our Clean EnergyElectric, Gas, Telecom/Internet  and Water pages.

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