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Energy-saving smartphone apps

LightBulbFinder_blogYour smartphone doesn’t have to be a bottomless pit for your pocketbook. It can also be a tool to help you save money. These are just a few of the energy-saving smartphone apps available.

1) Light Bulb Finder (free): Find energy efficient light bulbs at nearby stores or order them on this app.

2) Kill-Ur-Watts (free): Track your home energy use and develop strategies to lower your electric bills. This app allows you to view your usage via customizable graphs and shows your carbon footprint. (Read about another great service, CUB Energy Saver, below.)

3) Meter Readings ($1.99): Analyze your electric, gas and water meter readings and see savings advice. (Too bad this app isn’t free, but it’s still a helpful one to consider.)

4) Drip Detective (free): With a simple tap of the smartphone screen, this app calculates money lost on leaky faucets and pipes.

5) Standby Energy Cost Calculator (free): Look at how much money your home loses on “vampire energy” wasted by appliances that are plugged in but not in use.

Don’t forget our own free service, CUB Energy Saver, which has been showing electric and gas customers how to cut their utility bills by an average of about $100 a year. It actually links to your ComEd account so you can track real savings based on the energy-saving actions it provides.

Give these money-saving services a try and tell us what you think!