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U.S. Cellular’s sale to Sprint: Three things you should know

Sprint is hoping to retain U.S. Cellular’s estimated 585,000 Midwest customers.

As of May 17, U.S. Cellular finalized the sale of its Midwestern markets to Sprint, forcing many Illinois consumers to switch their cellphone service to another carrier.

Both companies sent out information to current U.S. Cellular customers in the area, but it may be confusing or overwhelming. So we want to make sure you know what’s happening and what your options are.

You do not have to switch to Sprint. Your service with U.S. Cellular is ending, but the sale to Sprint doesn’t mean that company is your only choice. Shop around and find the best cellphone deal for you among all the carriers.

Keep in mind, however, that Sprint is offering several incentives to retain U.S. Cellular customers, including a $100 “port-in” credit for smartphone users,  a $50 service credit for all phones, and a waiver of the standard $36 activation fee.

You DO have to get a new phone. No matter what carrier you choose, your U.S. Cellular phone will not work on the new network. But Sprint will allow you to keep your current phone number, and other carriers may do so as well. (Consider selling your old U.S. Cellular phone online to recoup some of your investment. Gazelle and eBay are just a few options.)

Ironically, the Chicago White Sox will continue to play at “U.S. Cellular Field.”

Your service end date with U.S. Cellular will be based on the terms of your individual contract. That means there is no overall end date, but rather each person will have their own end dates based on different factors. If you don’t know what yours is, contact U.S. Cellular to find out.

Check out our fact sheet on the U.S. Cellular/Sprint merger for more details and for a price comparison of current U.S. Cellular and Sprint plans.