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IM000982.JPGGive yourself a big pat on the back, because you did it!

Thanks to 1,100 messages you sent to Illinois legislators, CUB helped win legislation to free up $30 million to improve solar power in Illinois– an effort that would add more power to the grid and lower everyone’s bills!

For years, this $130 million fund– paid for by alternative electricity suppliers– has sat untouched.  The money was supposed to be used by the Illinois Power Agency (IPA), which manages our electricity supply, to buy power from homes and small businesses with solar panels.  But a glitch in state law meant that the IPA never had the authority to spend it!

So consumers and consumer advocates got involved.  Thanks to your pressure, legislation finally passed that freed up $30 million of the fund.

Here’s why it matters to all of us:

*This fund should jumpstart Illinois’ small-scale solar industry, helping to make electricity cheaper and more reliable.

*Solar helps cut costs on days when power is at “peak demand” and prices are sky-high by providing another source of electricity to Illinois’ power grid.

*Solar lessens the need for large, expensive power plants and transmission lines that we are forced to pay for.

The fight isn’t over– we still need a fix to free up ALL the money– but it’s a great start!  Stay tuned to CUB’s website for more updates on the issue.