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Time’s up on CUB’s efficiency quiz!

By Samantha Vercellino

Congratulations to Desiree Quinlan of Streamwood. She’s won a $25 Amazon gift card for putting her knowledge of household energy efficiency to the test.

Last week, Desiree and more than 1,000 other participants were automatically entered into a drawing after taking CUB Energy Saver’s energy efficiency quiz.

CUB Energy Saver is a free service that helps consumers build a customized money-saving plan for their homes. Using the online tool’s helpful savings calculator, the quiz revealed how much simple actions, such as switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, unplugging unused appliances and using a programmable thermostat, could save you on your utility bills per year.

“My favorite part about CUB Energy Saver are the hints and general information it gives you,” Desiree said.

If you missed the quiz, check out the questions and answers below.

  1. Replacing 5 traditional 60-watt light bulbs with energy-efficient CFLs:

a.) $12/year

b.) $30/year

c.) $44/year

  1. Using an advanced power strip:

a.) $12/year

b.) $18/year

c.) $40/year

  1. Turning the coffee maker off after you finish brewing:

a.) $2/year

b.) $3/year

c.) $4/year

  1. Installing a low-flow showerhead:

a.) $65/year

b.) $40/year

c.) $25/year

After one of the coldest months on record and heading into an expensive summer, it’s a good time to start building a customized energy efficiency plan. Join CUB Energy Saver to see how to reduce waste and cut your utility costs today.