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Reform the Power Market!

20151022_FERCInvestigation_enewsLast week, we told you that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is investigating the electricity market in Central and Southern Illinois after a power auction last spring sparked a 30 percent price spike—and gave windfall profits to big generators like Exelon and Dynegy.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan and more than 3,000 CUB Action Network have called for an investigation, and regulators listened!

Now, we have to keep up the pressure.  While this issue is hot, sign our petition to tell FERC to follow through on its investigation and reform Illinois’ electricity markets.

Northern Illinoisans: Don’t think this issue is only important to Central and Southern Illinois. A similar auction has threatened to increase annual power bills for Northern Illinois homes by $80-$100 in years to come.  Your voice matters, as well!