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Support SB 2881: Because grandma shouldn’t be price-gouged

20160307_FightPriceGouging2_fbHow do you tell a grandmother that her light bill is double what it should be.

Almost every day, CUB has to break it to somebody somewhere: You’re being price-gouged by an unregulated electric supplier. (One consumer on a fixed income was tricked into paying 140 percent more to keep the lights on!)

That’s why we’re fighting for Senate Bill 2881 in Springfield. The bill, which is in the Illinois Senate Energy Committee, would be a HUGE defeat for price-gougers, making it much harder for them to collect their ill-gotten profits.


Not all electricity suppliers price-gouge, but the ones that do want to kill SB 2881. That’s why we need you!  

Please tell your state senator: Support SB 2881.