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Results of quick poll on Exelon Bill

20160229_nuclearquestion_fbNearly 1,900 people responded to our informal survey about a push by Illinois’ biggest energy company, ComEd-parent Exelon, to raise electric bills by up to $1.6 billion–and eight out of 10 said NO to the idea.

Exelon says keeping its nuclear plants open will fight climate change—and they need economic help. Opponents say Exelon just wants bigger profits.

Here’s how you answered our unscientific poll: Should Illinois give unprofitable nuclear plants more money if it helps fight climate change?

No: 1,583 (about 84 percent)

Yes: 298 (about 16 percent)

This is the biggest energy question facing the Illinois General Assembly in 2016, and CUB’s spending long hours in Springfield fighting to defend your bottom line.

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