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Be green, support CUB: Get an “I LOVE CUB” reusable shopping tote

20160315_renewaltote_enewsContribute $25 to help CUB fight $6 billion in rate hikes and we’ll send you a heavy-duty, reusable “I LOVE CUB” shopping tote.

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CUB has just compiled the 2015 profits for the parent companies of Illinois’ big energy, telecom and cable companies. Take a look at what Julie and Christie, CUB’s two-person legal team, are up against.

AT&T: $13.2 billion

Comcast: $8.2 billion

Exelon (ComEd parent): $2.2 billion

WEC Energy (Peoples Gas parent): $640 million

Ameren: $630 million

AGL Resources (Nicor parent): $388 million

Total: $25.3 billion

At CUB, every dollar we raise yields about $300 in consumer savings. No wasteful spending here—your contribution goes a long way. But look at the wasteful utility spending Julie and Christie have uncovered over the years.

Golf tournaments, parade floats, sporting events, skyboxes, catering: $529,000

Legal costs to fight for rate hikes: $50 million

Executive pay packages: $50 million

Golden parachutes for former execs: $61 million

It’s obscene. Help us fight wasteful spending, rip-offs and $6 billion in rate hikes. 

In March only, renew your membership with a $25 contribution and we’ll send you your reusable “I LOVE CUB” shopping tote!

It’s the perfect way to be green and support CUB!