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Executive Director’s February report

Here’s an update on the good work our donors helped make possible in 2019: The World Electric Vehicle Journal has published the CUB research team’s latest paper: “Charge for Less: An Analysis of Hourly Electricity Pricing for Electric Vehicles.” We found that a special ComEd pricing plan would have saved…...

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Fight rate hikes, get a special gift

This year alone CUB is fighting $8 billion in rate hikes and helped consumers save millions of dollars on their bills — but with your help, we can do even more. Donate $10 or more this month and get a heavy-duty shopping tote with CUB’s new logo. This jumbo tote…...

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Utility spending on rate-hike cases shows what CUB is up against

Since 2010, Illinois’ biggest utilities have spent $40 million trying to raise consumer rates before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)—an amount that could fund CUB’s entire outreach, legal and consumer advocacy operations for at least 15 years. The lofty figure illustrates what CUB’s legal and policy teams are up against…...

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Today: Donations matched!

We’ve just received some great news. CUB’s board of directors has stepped up and made an extremely generous offer: If CUB members can raise $5,000 by Sunday, May 22, the board has agreed to chip in an extra $1,000! This will be a HUGE boost to the CUB staff—because it’s crunch…...

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Renew your CUB membership in April!

CUB has launched its April renewal campaign to get support for $6 billion in rate-hike battles. Energy giant Exelon is ramping up the pressure in Springfield to raise ComEd/Ameren power bills by up to $1.6 billion over the next five years. ComEd has filed for a $138 million rate hike.…...

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Be green, support CUB: Get an “I LOVE CUB” reusable shopping tote

Contribute $25 to help CUB fight $6 billion in rate hikes and we’ll send you a heavy-duty, reusable “I LOVE CUB” shopping tote. Please, renew your CUB membership now!  CUB has just compiled the 2015 profits for the parent companies of Illinois’ big energy, telecom and cable companies. Take a look…...

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