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Today: Donations matched!

20160520_matchingchallenge_fbWe’ve just received some great news. CUB’s board of directors has stepped up and made an extremely generous offer:

If CUB members can raise $5,000 by Sunday, May 22, the board has agreed to chip in an extra $1,000!

This will be a HUGE boost to the CUB staff—because it’s crunch time for us:  

*Our outreach team is scrambling to hold 400+ events in 2016.

*Our consumer advocacy team will help up to 8,000 people who have complaints about their utility companies.

*Our legal and policy teams are battling up to $6 billion in higher rates.  

The board is asking for 200 people to give $25 or more by Sunday, May 22. But any contribution you can afford will make a big difference to CUB.

We’re a small consumer group that’s very busy protecting your bottom line. So please consider taking the board’s challenge, and help us fight for you!