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Peoria resident wins smart thermostat in CUB’s Earth Day Giveaway

Nest_blogCongratulations to Jill Thomas of Peoria! Her name was randomly selected from 3,145 people who took our quick poll on their worst bill. She wins a new smart thermostat, valued at $250.

“I recently retired from a career as a computer programmer and have been looking for ways to save money,” said Jill, who will be sent a Nest Learning Thermostat. “This  thermostat should help with my heating and cooling expense. Can’t wait to have it installed!”

Throughout April, CUB urged consumers to vote on whether cable/Internet, electric, gas or phone was their worst monthly bill.

Cable/Internet won in a landslide:

Cable/Internet 2075 66%
Electric 504 16%
Phone 334 10.6%
Natural Gas 232 7.4%

We know how we feel when we get any of those bills in the mail. But Jill just won something that we hope reduces her overall costs.

Wi-Fi connected smart thermostats represent cutting-edge technology to help homes reduce their utility bills. The devices allow customers to finely tune and monitor energy use from the convenience of their phone, tablet or home computer. The thermostats “learn” user behavior over time to optimize comfort and generate energy savings automatically.

The devices, which are valued at about $250, could cut a home’s heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent.

Congratulations Jill!