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Consumer Alert: PIPP is back! (but funds are going fast)

A program that helps low-income seniors and families stay current with their utility bills was reinstated after budget disputes in Springfield suspended it for a year. However, due to the program’s popularity the funding has run out in Cook County and is going fast in other counties.

The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) allows low-income households to get help paying gas or electric bills as long as they contribute a certain percentage of their gross income to those bills.

“We’re glad the program is so popular with consumers, because it encourages families to stay current with their bills,” CUB Communications Director Jim Chilsen said. “As always, we’ll keep pushing for more funding for PIPP and other pro-consumer programs.”

To see what assistance programs are available in your area and if you qualify, call the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, at 1-877-411-9276.

CUB has a fact sheet on these programs, at www.CitizensUtilityBoard.org.

Also, for more information, look under the “Need Help Paying Your Utility Bills?” section on the Electric and Gas pages.