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Part of a community group? CUB would love to speak to you!

If you’re a part of a community group whose members would benefit from learning about how to cut their utility bills, consider asking CUB to speak at an event.

At a speaking engagement, a CUB expert can cover a variety of issues, including:

*How to spot unnecessary charges on natural gas, electric and phone bills.

*Energy efficiency programs and rebates that can help people cut their utility bills.

*How to avoid bad deals pushed by alternative electric and gas suppliers.

*New electric programs, such as Peak Time Savings and Hourly Pricing, that could yield big savings.

“CUB speaking engagements are a great way for consumers to learn about what programs and energy efficiency options are available,” CUB Outreach Director Sarah Moskowitz said.

CUB’s outreach staff participates in hundreds of community events throughout the state each year. Check out our calendar to see where we’ll be next!

Would you like to have a CUB representative speak to your group or staff a table at your community event? Please complete our event form.