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CUB on repeal of Clean Power Plan: Bad news for consumers

As expected, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency today issued a proposed rule to repeal the Clean Power plan. Read the statement by CUB Executive Director David Kolata:

“Any attempt by the Administration to weaken or repeal the Clean Power Plan is bad news for consumers. The Clean Power Plan would have led to increased investment in energy efficiency that reduces our electric bills and helps to create a more reliable power grid. It also would have sparked energy innovation, advancing new money-saving technologies in key areas such as efficiency and storage. Rolling back the Clean Power Plan will strip people of the tools they need to keep their power bills down—so this is a step backwards for all consumers, in particular seniors and families on tight incomes who already have a difficult time affording their utility costs. Today’s development reinforces the importance of Illinois passing the Future Energy Jobs Act last year to set the state on a course to a more reliable and affordable energy future. Regardless of developments in Washington, CUB will continue to work with legislators, regulators and consumer advocates to help improve the lives of electric customers across the state of Illinois.”