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Save water and money with Chicago’s MeterSave program

The City of Chicago offers residential single-family and two-flat homeowners the option of having a water meter installed to help them save water–and money–through the MeterSave program.

Water bills in homes without meters are tied to to various factors, from building size to number of plumbing fixtures. But with a water meter, you’re only charged for the water you actually use. This can save you money. In fact, homeowners receive a seven-year guarantee that their water bill will be no higher with the meter than if they didn’t have one.

The meter installation includes one of the three following incentives (or two if your entire block enrolls):

1) An outdoor water conservation kit, which includes:
– Hose timer
– Rain gauge
– Water restricting hose nozzle
– Moisture sensor

2) An indoor water conservation kit, which includes:
– Low-flow showerhead (allows maximum water effienciency)
– Shower timer
– Toilet flapper
– Leak detection tablets
– Toilet tank bank—a toilet tank water displacement pouch
– 4-quart fill cycle diverter that helps save water after flushing the toilet
– Swivel low-flow kitchen aerator
– Two bathroom sink aerators
– Teflon tape
– Water conservation wheel

3) A water meter monitor (refrigerator magnet that shows water usage)

You can easily enroll by visiting MeterSave.org and choosing an appointment through its online calendar. You can also call the city’s non-emergency number at 3-1-1, or the city’s water department at 312-744-4420. The new meter is installed free of charge within 3-4 weeks of enrolling.

Read CUB’s MeterSave fact sheet for more information about eligibility.